Patterning Math Worksheets

Welcome to the patterning math worksheets page at where you might not find quilts, but you will find patterns in math. Patterns can be found everywhere in mathematics. Students need to be able to recognize, identify and extend patterns to be able to function in mathematics. This page includes a selection of free patterning math worksheets to help you teach, support or learn patterning concepts.

General Use Printables

Pascal's triangle has a number of applications in mathematics including patterning. One of the basic activities with Pascal's triangle is identifying the patterns in the triangle. More advanced students might relate the Fibonacci numbers derived from Pascal's triangle to population studies.

If you don't have the real thing, or your students use them as projectiles, print the pattern blocks below to help you teach patterning.

All Pattern Blocks
Color Pattern Blocks
Black and White Pattern Blocks

One-Attribute Picture Patterning Worksheets

One-attribute patterns are those where only one thing changes at a time. For the worksheets below, the shape is the attribute that changes. There are several themes to cover different times of the year. Also look on our holiday pages as we have more patterns like these ones on those pages.

Two-Attribute Picture Patterning Worksheets

Two-attribute patterns are patterns where two things change about the pattern. For example from the first picture to the second picture, the object (or shape) and the size may have changed.

Number Patterning Worksheets

Number patterns are everywhere in mathematics. Skills in recognizing and creating number patterns will ensure students are able to add and subtract efficiently, recognize patterns in numbers, and handle more complex math activities that use patterns.