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Since we started in 2005, has been an ad-supported website. What this means is that we can offer the end-user: parents, teachers, homeschoolers, etc. a free product yet still meet our financial needs by selling ad space on the website. Advertisers pay money to appear on our website usually because they think that you might be interested in the product they sell. We generally try to balance the intrusion of the ads with user experience. We realize that no-ads would be the best, but then we wouldn't exist without something to pay our bills.

10 to 15 percent of our visitors don't see ads either through personal choice or because the computer they use blocks the ads. This is often the case on school computers, especially on student accounts. Those who block the ads on their own personal computer have usually researched the implications of doing this. In the past, it was beneficial to block scripts as this was a common vector for virus infections. As internet browsers evolve, however, the chances of getting infected through a script diminish. Normally, people who update their browser software, operating system, and virus protection on a regular basis have nothing to worry about. The benefit of allowing scripts to run is you get the full Internet experience and see things the way they are intended to be seen. You also support free websites such as And who knows, you might just see an ad that appeals to you.

With that said, we don't want anyone to feel guilty if they don't see our ads. We are all about supporting student learning at no cost other than a little printer ink and paper. Every day, our worksheets are used in schools, homeschools, adult learning centers, special education classrooms, university and college courses, on kitchen tables, in cars on family trips, to wrap fish (although this hasn't been verified), to hide checks in envelopes (although the recipients often wonder why they are getting a completed math worksheet), on interactive white boards, and many other places. We ask for nothing in return. If you would like to support us, however, please read on.

I don't see Ads!

You can still support in many ways. Here are a few below.

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Cool! Just take a look at the "I don't see Ads!" section on other ways that you can support us.

I Want to Send you Money!

If we have inspired you to open your wallet, then please donate the money that you would have given us to a worthwhile charity of your choice. We are not a charity, so we don't think it is right to accept donations. As you read above, we are supported by advertisers exclusively. They keep this website absolutely free and support the creation of new material.

Be careful of websites that ask for donations to "keep this a free website..." and show ads as well. Anyone can set up a "donate" link and ask for your money and often times it only goes into an individual's pocket. Subscription based websites make their money off of subscribers and can be well worth the money if they provide quality content and update it on a regular basis.

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